Dr. Tom Thunder, AuD, FAAA, INCE  is both an audiologist and a noise control engineer. He is principal of Acoustic Associates, Ltd. and has over 30 years of experience. He specializes in hearing and acoustics and has consulted on a variety of issues including hearing problems, audibility of warning devices, occupational noise, hearing conservation, environmental noise, acoustical privacy, building mechanical noise, ventilation noise, room acoustics, etc. 
Acoustic Associates, Ltd., is a professional consulting firm specializing in sound and hearing issues. Our practice was established in 1987 to blend the fields of audiology (the science of hearing) and acoustics (the science of sound). Our understanding of both these fields gives us a unique perspective in assessing and solving acoustical problems in a comprehensive yet practical manner. 
We work as a team member with clients in developing practical solutions in the following areas:​
​Forensic Audiology
​Expert Witness​
​STS Review
​Workman's Compensation
​Environmental Noise
​CAOHC Training Course
​CAOHC Refresher Course
​Audiometric Training Course
​Hearing Conservation Course


scope of practice
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STS Review

Dr. Tom Thunder has the knowledge and background to review audiometric tests, noise surveys, and history records to give an opinion based on scientific knowledge.
At Assistive Hearing Systems (AHS), our sister company, their mission is to change the lives of people who have a hearing impairment by providing clear sound in any environment. Learn more about AHS and hearing induction loops.
We offer courses in hearing screening, hearing conservation, noise, and  hearing screening for CAOHC certification and recertification. Click Below for course dates.  
If you encountered a criminal, civil, workers compensation, or nuisance case that involved an issue of hearing loss, noise exposure, speech or warning signal audibility, or environmental noise, what type of expert would you turn to?

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